As far as awards go, I have never been one to expect, or receive, a monetary reward for wildlife that I have taken.
I have taken dozens of deer and Elk that will qualify for Pope and Young awards. I’ve taken and called up several Turkeys that would qualify for awards.  I don’t believe that the reward is an award.

To me, it is much greater than that. Especially when I believe that the true art of the sport of deer, Elk and Turkey hunting is in the positioning.

I’ve always said that Deer, Turkey and Elk hunting is not a shooting sport. Quail and sporting clay may be classified as a shooting sport.

The art of positioning is like the real estate business; its all about location. Since a good hunter has to hunt his prey, “You dont hunt the animal where they are, you hunt the animal or prey where they are gonna be.”

I believe that in order for a good hunter to be good at positioning himself in an area to take a trophy then he or she must have a good understanding of the woods and understand his prey and his preys purpose on earth.

When a hunter understands his prey’s purpose on earth, his prey’s weaknesses will be exposed.

A good hunter must understand his or her purpose on earth, as well and as a result his or her weaknesses will be exposed to them.

A good hunter will take advantage of their preys weaknesses before their own weaknesses are exposed. They must have a plan of concealment, attack and execution, and stay with that plan till it unfolds into a real-time event.

A good hunter must be a good predator, and a good predator never advertises his presence.  The woods should be the same when the hunter is present as it is 364 other days out of the year.

When all of this is carried out, then the hunter will receive a reward not an award. This reward will come from a much higher source than contest organizers.
And unlike an award, a hunter can take his reward with him anywhere he travels and will be able to share it with others.

So, as far as awards go, I will have to pass and stick to my beliefs that Deer and Turkey and Elk etc… hunting is not a competition . It is a blessing that when you understand it you will not recieve an award, but will receive a reward from God.